FAQ1. How can I make an order in HOMMU & FRIENDS?

Search and find that product with whom you fall in love. Choose color, quantity and mesures (if It’s necessary) and add it to the shopping cart.

Once you have found what you need you can proceed to make an order. Click the shopping cart, which is in the right up corner of your screen. After you do so the system will put you in the cart, where you can make as many changes as you want. Here you can’t see the information neither the shipping costs of your order because you haven’t yet introduced your data, and therefore we don’t know where to send the products.
To proceed to the payment and processing of your order click “go to cash” and It will appear a screen to register. You will see the resume of what you will receive from HOMMU & FRIENDS. The next step is to select address of shipping, where you should add your information. The last step is the payment; select the mode of payment that you prefer, and when everything is ready click “end of order”.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your purchase in the e-mail address you have provided when you did the registration in HOMMU & FRIENDS, including all the details of your purchase.

FAQ2. My order stills in process, When will It arrive?

If the status of your order is “in process” that means we are preparing your order to be send. In the confirmation e-mail you can find the estimated time of delivery.

You will receive another e-mail when your order is on Its way. If your order doesn’t arrive at the time estimated in the confirmation e-mail, don’t hesitate in contact us to solve any problem occurred.

FAQ3. What is “add to Wishlist”?

You can save for later in your list of presents clicking in the heart icon or “add to wishlist”. So if You can’t buy in this moment, you can save It here and will be ready for the right time to pursue It.

You can find “add to my wishlist” in each product below the “add to card” buttons.
To see your list of saved products, you just have to click in “my present list”.

Take in consideration that to save a product for later doesn’t mean that this product is reserved for you, this products can be pursued by any other costumer even if they are in your list.

FAQ4. Can I have more information about a product?

We try to publish as much information about our products as its possible to help you in your purchasing process.
The page of each product includes mesures, detailed description, care instructions and, the most important thing, images that allow you to visualize the product.

If there is any kind of information that you think we need to include to help you, contact us to tell us which information you would like to see, and we’ll try to include It.

FAQ5. How can I know that I’m buying an original product?

In HOMMU & FRIENDS we only sell genuine and authentic products, elaborated directly in each artist craft workshop, with eco-friendly materials and processes. The product purchased by you travels directly from the artist workshop to your home, so you can be sure that the product you’ve received is an original one.

FAQ6. I want a product, but It’s out of stock.

The artists and creators that are part of HOMMU & FRIENDS create their products crafty and handmade, so the quantity of products produced is small or sometimes, even, a limited edition. This aspect make the articles that we offer in HOMMU & FRIENDS, special, genuine and absolutely unique.

Each product has Its own time of elaboration and in HOMMU & FRIENDS we only want to offer products that can be acquired in the shipping and delivery times fixed in our policies, not a day more, not a day less, for that reason when the artist doesn’t have that product in his stock, You won’t see it in the shop as an available product.

FAQ7. One product is missed from my delivered order. Is there any mistake?

It depends. Sometimes we do not ship all your order in one only shipping (for example, for being out of stock), so we ask you that you take a look at your e-mail inbox to check if we have warn you of any kind of problem.
If your order has been shipped separately, the delivery note will include only the shipped products in this part of your order. Please check your delivery notes to be sure there’s nothing missing.

FAQ8. If I buy products from different artists/brands, Will they arrive separately?

Yes. Each product is created and produced in the workshop of each artist form where the artist prepares and packs it to ship it to your home in good conditions. So in the case you have pursued products from different artists, those will come from different workshops and separate packagings, but always in the same delivery time fixed in the time you have pursued them.

If your order has been shipped separately, the delivery note will include only the shipped products in this part of your order. Please check your delivery notes to be sure there’s nothing missing.

If any product is missing, contact our costumer service.

FAQ9. I have received a defective item.

In the eventual case that you receive a defective item, we are sorry for any inconvenience we have caused. We want to solve any question related with the defective products in the very moment, so we ask you to contact our costumer service as soon as you discover any damaged in the article acquired. Here you can find our changes and return policies.