FAQ1. What is the packaging like and what will I receive alongside my Hommu® vinyl?

Hommu® decorative vinyl and packs are purposely packed in a recyclable box with high quality design and finishing. We have taken the maximum care in the presentation so that product is ideal to present as a gift, an item for a special occasion or a special day, etc.

Inside each pack you will find: Your vinyl divided into X separate pieces. Hommu® Spatula. Basic maintenance and instruction manual. Identification Slip for your Hommu®.

FAQ2. I’ve never installed a vinyl. Is it easy?

Installing a vinyl is easy! Read the instruction sheet you will find inside the pack carefully before opening or unsticking anything. It is important to have everything you need prepared for the moment you are ready to install the product. We’ve made the job of installation easier and more comfortable for you by dividing the design into various pieces in case of Big vinyls. The pack also includes a spatula for your Hommu® vinyl (big vinyls only).

FAQ3. Once installed, is it possible to take the vinyl down and put it up somewhere else?

No, once installed, it is not possible to move the vinyl elsewhere, whether because you fancy it in another place or you are moving house, etc. we recommend you think very carefully about where you want to hang your vinyl and if, one day, you feel like redecorating the space in your home… in Hommu® we have loads of great ideas!

FAQ4. What kind of surfaces are the most apt for installing my Hommu® vinyl?

Our vinyl can be applied to any surface as long as it meets the following requirements: you need a smooth surface (with no irregularities), clean and dry (without problems with damp, etc).

Make sure you can meet these optimum conditions when you install this product. Remember you can put this product not just on walls but on other surfaces too.

Furniture. Doors. Walls. Cupboards. Fridges...

FAQ5. Which surfaces are NOT apt for installing a vinyl?

Hommu® can live anywhere providing: the surface is smooth and contains no irregularities - stuccoed or rough walls or surfaces are no good for correct adhesion; the material to which the vinyl will be attached is not polypropylene or polythene; the surface is clean and dry and not subject to damp and is not exposed to a continual source of heat, like sunlight or an oven, for example.

Your Hommu® is the same as a living creature; if you don’t look after it properly it could get sick, slipping this mortal coil before the manufacturer’s guarantee is up. To avoid any problems, try not to put up your Hommu® anywhere where the temperature is too high or where it might be in danger from intense ultraviolet rays.

Some vinyls are a little more delicate and sensitive to the sun than others because of their silver or golden colour. If your vinyl is this colour, bear it in mind when the time comes to put it up.

FAQ6. I want to know how to install my vinyl step-by-step. I’m still not sure.

Look at the installation instructions that come with the packaging of the vinyl. There you will find graphic illustrations to help those doubts disappear. You will also find advice on how to guarantee your vinyl remains in good condition, so that you have it in your home for a good long time.


FAQ7. Does Hommu® have any relation to or form part of IKEA®?

NO. Hommu® products are designed and marketed by Hommu Decor S.L, an independent company that has no links with IKEA®.
Hommu® markets products which can, among other things, be used as decorative accessories for some of the furniture produced and marketed by IKEA®. IKEA® is a trademark of Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

In the same way that many businesses exist that manufacture and distribute accessories for other brands (for example, companies which manufacture accessories for the Apple® company’s iPod®), Hommu® markets products which can, among other things, be used as decorative accessories for some of the furniture produced and marketed by IKEA®.

At Hommu® we deeply admire the work of IKEA®, the social politics, sustainability, ecology and respect for the environment that goes into the whole process of the manufacture of their products. We recommend you buy their furniture! You’ll make your home more sustainable!

FAQ8. I’ve seen that some Hommu® products for the bedroom and kitchen are compatible with the furniture manufactured by IKEA® but which items exactly?

If you have a bed structure from IKEA® in your home, a Hommu® SUPIGU vinyl (for the bedroom) can be compatible with the sizes of the following range of bed structures: ANEBODA, DALSEV, GRIMEN, GRIMSTAD, IBESTAD, KVIBY, MALM, MANDAL and VINSTRA.

If your kitchen is composed of cupboards and drawers, etc, designed by IKEA®, the vinyl pieces from the Recetas y Estantes (Recipes and Shelves) collection of Hommu YUMMY are also compatible with the sizes of the fronts of cupboards and drawers from the following ranges: FAKTUM (ADEL, ABSTRAKT, APPLAD, ASKOME, FAGELAND, LIDINGO, LILJESTAD, NEXUS, RUBBIK, SOLAR, STAT and TIDAHOLM.

FAQ9. And if I don’t have an IKEA® bed or kitchen, can I buy Hommu® products which carry an indication of compatibility with other furniture manufacturers?

Of course! Hommu® headboards are designed to adapt to the standard size of double beds available on the market.

In terms of the ‘estantes’ (shelves) collection of Hommu Yummy (kitchen), you won’t have any problems installing those items in your kitchen, whatever kind you have! Every ‘shelf’ is modular, which means you can divide a big one into two small ones or combine the pieces that make it up according to the space you have. The same is true for the ‘recetas’ (recipes) collection.

FAQ10. Why is the Hommu's vinyl plastic recyclable and / or eco-friendly?

As a novelty this year 2011, to produce our wall decals we started using a new material completely free of PVC, based on Polyolefine a type of plastic that contains no chlorine, plasticizer or solvent, so it does not emit harmful gases in case the material were recycled by burning process (forbidden method in Europe, but still used in other countries). 

At the moment, we are using this PVC free material only with black colour designs. During this year, we will replace all our color range.
But, are the other colours recyclable?

Yes. PVC is easily recyclable. Currently there are processes, like mechanical recycling, which are environmentally sustainable. The recuperated PVC is used in the manufacture of innumerable products. PVC is one of the most interesting current materials due to its 'primary multi-use material' state. It has properties such as high resistance, a useful long life, stable composition (which makes it a very hygenic material) and insulating properties. We want to make the point that PVC is a naturally fireproof material, self-extinguishable, which does not carry flame and has a very low rate of heat loss.
Here at Hommu® we encourage you to recycle your used vinyl.