History of the brand

In September 2009 a young entrepreneur with her roots on advertising decided to crystallize a dream. After a year filled with meetings, paperwork, laughs, drafts, illustrations and much effort HOMMU got created.

Back then, decorative vinyls had been a coming tendency for about 4 years. HOMMU was the second brand of decorative vinyls in Spain. We created exclusive design lines for bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms, children and pets..

Our aim? To create a home

Not just dressing up a house. The word “house” may be defined as “a dwelling for several people”. It is cold. Impersonal. It is just but a place. The word “home”, that's were family and friends get together, were the hearth is lit either to warm up or to cook. It has a soul. It breaths. HOMMU means “home” in Japanese.

We wanted to show personality, to pass on positive sensations and life philosophies. We wanted ecology, quality, originality, but also Nordic fancies, an eco-chic customisation for a home. We wanted an on-line distribution on both a national and international level.

And so we became a reference brand. That's how we got to be an invited brand in Casa Decor Barcelona 2009 and how we won a FAD LAUS 2011 award for the packaging of our products. Thus we began serving more than 50 shops all around Europe.

NOW, 6 years later...

We strive on with a will to start a revolution in interior design, we carry on with a group of designers devoted to turn any place into something personal and unique. And we still believe in an ecological, creative and first-class project.

That's how HOMMU is. You are finally home.



ARQUITECTURA Y DISEÑO. Review “Casas estimulantes”

HABITANIA. Report “Inspiraciones vinilos”

INSTYLE. Article Verde que te quiero verde” Shopping selection

ON DISEÑO · El Ajuar de María, Emphasis on designed decorative vinyls

ON DISEÑO ESPECIAL NIÑOS . Article about Hommu minni


PRIZE “BARCELONA CAPITAL EMPRENDEDORA”. Finalist project as “Best business plan

FAD LAUS AWARDS. “Best Packaging” LAUS of Bronze for our packaging


FESTIVALET. We've been on Festivalet since its second edition. It is an event of reference in the world of creative entrepreneurship and handmade designs. We love it!

CHIC&BASIC CREATIVE WEEKEND MADRID . Taking part as a brand in a pop-up store located inside a room of the Chic&Basic Mayerling Hotel, in Madrid

CASADECOR 2009 . Product present at the space called “The House for a Chef”, by architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez, together with Kitchen Aid and Whirpool.

FERIA HABITAT VALENCIA . Exhibitor brand in the area for contemporary decoration accessories.