Make your home truly yours

The home is one of those features that help define who we are the most.

Once you cross the threshold, after a long day, you throw your keys to one side, the jacket to the other and quickly move to kick off your workday shoes. A familiar smell makes you forget everything else. No doubt, if you think about it for a moment, there’s a corner of your home that’s just for you: that dent in the sofa where you always sit; a kitchen chair; the desk where you surf the web; the right side of the bed…

Here at Hommu® we want that space you have, and share, to become an even more special place. Make your space yours more than ever. Share it with your guests.

You’re home at last!

What matters most to us: Quality, Ecology, Creativity

At Hommu® we’re not just about selling you a pretty design. We want to share millions of ideas with you, ideas to complement people like you, positive people, people who love to live. Making your house a real home is not just a matter of decorating it with furniture.

At Hommu® we offer a breath of fresh air in the form of decorative details and tools for your own creation.
Messages and concepts you can identify with, that make you feel good, that can bring out that smile no matter what kind of day you’ve had.

That is our goal.

We are environmentally friendly.

They say ‘there are many worlds, but they all exist in this one’ and they’re right; we do have one world and we have to respect it.

At Hommu® we make a commitment to contribute to the work of making this planet a sustainable, balanced and healthy home. For that reason, we have decided to work only with those suppliers who manufacture according to the criteria of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We only use top quality 100% recyclable material for both our products and their packaging.


As a novelty this year 2011, to produce our wall decals we started using a new material completely free of PVC, based on Polyolefine a type of plastic that contains no chlorine, plasticizer or solvent, so it does not emit harmful gases in case the material were recycled by burning process (forbidden method in Europe, but still used in other countries).


This is our work philosophy.



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