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  • Jotaká

    I'm Juan Carlos and I work as an illustrator in my city, Valencia (Spain). I studied Fine Arts in Valencia (UPV) and Barcelona (UB). In 2012 I specialized in Illustration and did a few courses in hand-silkscreen, lettering… I’ve worked in some magazines, fanzines, stickers, mobile apps, coloring books (E.E.U.U) and text books (China). My big passion is the creation of characters.

  • Lali y Bela

    Lali y Bela is a brand of fun products that activate the children’s imagination and creativity. We want to offer products with whom you can play, paint, dress up or whatever the children invent. All the products are handmade in Spain with safe and healthy materials and created though craft processes, with the goal to be durable in time. Creative Director Silvia Rodriguez, thinks that “We put a lot of attention in the details of each piece, because that makes each one special. The final result, is always a sum between what was imagined and what our hands are capable of”.

    We love creating fun objects that we design for the children to play, decorate, dress up… We auto produce crafty the objects that we design i our own workshop or in specialized Spanish local workshops . Our creative director and crafter, Silvia Rodriguez, designs and produces the initial series of our products, and afterwards they are produced in craft workshops. She is an industrial designer and a researcher of the market and design trends.

  • Litera libros

    Litera is a publishing house focusing on upbringing. Upbringing is a true experience. And Litera wants to be a good collection of experiences.
    In a bunk bed, children normally sleep. And on there they go up and down, they speak, they fight, they learn, they peek, they jump, they fall, they laugh, the share, they dream… and they sleep.
    A bunk bed is more than two or three or four beds. It is a collection of experiences.
    Our publishing house is called Litera (Bunk bed). And it talks about upbringing. Which is the same as going up, going down, to speak, to fight, to learn, to peek, to jump, to fall, to laugh, to share, to dream… and to sleep (when possible).
    Our Litera wants to be more than a publishing company. It wants to be a good collection of experiences.


    mamiBB beautiful mom, happy baby

    More than a teether necklace, is the opportunity to strengthen a bond with your baby while you feed him, the opportunity to quench their thirst for biting when growing their first teeth, the opportunity to play on your lap , the opportunity for mother and daughter look equal, the chance to go pretty caring for your baby ...

    Made of silicone suitable for biting. You can wash it whenever you need with soap and water or in the dishwasher and dry instantly! If you want to provide more relief to your baby you can put the necklace a few minutes in the refrigerator and accounts and silicone are chilly .

    Colored pieces visually stimulate the baby and entertain so the hair-pulling and scratches will be completely gone. You'll be amazed the soft touch of silicone parts and the closure is specially designed to open when the strong baby pulls avoiding annoying twist in your neck .

    There are 10 different models!

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  • Maria Diamantes

    Working from a studio in Barcelona, run by Clara Mercader, Maria Diamantes is
    specialised in managing corporate identity, art and illustration.

    Her fresh and colourful approach defines her delicate style. In her
    projects she always combines illustrations with design. As a self-employed
    artist - there is room for diversity and experimenting with new techniques
    and graphical communication.

  • Nomono

    Was born in Arica, Chile. He studied graphic design in Valparaiso. After his studies he moved to Barcelona where he worked 7 years at different graphic design studios. Currently living and working as a freelance illustrator in Berlin.

  • Núria Díaz

    My name is Nuria Diaz and I am an illustrator.
    I work as an publishing and advertising illustrator.
    Some years ago I started applying my illustrations in some products.
    I like to think that every time someone buys any of my products, buys a little piece of art.
    I create my products in Spain, working under decent conditions.
    I like cats and balconies, and the autumn sun.


    Olula is a brand of handmade products inspired by what their creators love most: Nature. Their products are carefully handcrafted in their tiny studio in Madrid, using materials and techniques environmentally friendly.

    Olula is run by two versatile and enthusiastic people: Javi and Cris.

    Cris set Olula up ten years ago with the wish of offering high quality handmade accessories, bright, colourful and easy to wear.

Little by little Olula was growing. Javi joined Cris and together increased the kind of products, techniques and materials. Now they design a wide range of accessories, bags and stuff for your home such as hand screen printed cushions, tea towels and soft toys.

They both are originally from Madrid, Spain, where is their studio and showroom (Olula-la, in c/ Amaniel 20), and where you are always welcome! All the products they sell come from their workshop or from some collaborations with other local crafters.

    Their products are thought not to be used and thrown, but to stay with you, making you happy, for years and years!

  • Paleolochic

    Paleolochic is the need to create, is the need to come into your life with the cool breeze of the Mediterranean, full of colour and relaxed fabric designs, Paleolochic is design but also nature, is a summer afternoon lying on the grass. Paleolochic are simple shapes but with a lot of character, we like to mix up rustic materials with modern ones. It’s a brand from today that holds on tradition and mix it up freely.

    Our goal is to help you feel comfortable with your environment, so your decoration is completed with fabrics and fabric accessories that are easy to renovate and stay true to your style, timeless and fun designs that give you the freedom to change, transform your relaxing area, your living room, your office, etc. and offer you a fresh balance that you will want to share with friends and family or enjoy quietly.

  • Paparajote

    Paparajote Factory is home accesories Brand with mediterranean essence and nordic inspiration.

    Our collections are defined by the special care taken in choosing the shapes, sizes and textures that comprise each piece. Each one carries its own personality, enhanced with our own distinctive stylish signature. Our products are developed based on the simple thought of making you happier by touching textiles which recall comfort, warmth elegance and quality.


    Pilar Larrotcha and Sonia de la Iglesia are the designers who are leading Paparajote Factory.

    "Each of the pieces has a little story, establishes a dialogue with the person enjoys them."


    The creation of each product is carried out entirely in Spain, 100% handmade with special care, using quality fabrics and true to our concept of quality guarantee. We support local industries and we believe that the close relation between the designer and the artisan results in distinctive and superior products.


    The name Paparajote comes from a traditional mediterranean dessert made from a lemon tree leaf dipped in batter, deep fried and covered with sugar and cinnamon.


    WORKING IN THE REDWOODS is a design project that uses craftsmanship and artistry to create beautiful limited edition objects from everyday life with unique character.

    The project started in 2009 by industrial designer Miriam Cernuda. Influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the nature of the Costa Brava where she grew up, she developed her own universe.

    The design of the pieces of WORKING IN THE REDWOODS is the result of her experience of living in balance with the natural environment.

    This project pays tribute to her handmade craft with soft minimalist lines, natural materials and the colors found in nature.

    In addition to series and collections, WORKING IN THE REDWOODS creates exclusive custom-made items for interior and industrial design projects, restoration projects and collaborates regularly with other brands, designers and artists.

    The workshop is currently located in the Born district of Barcelona.

Showing 13 - 23 of 23 items